The Benefits of Smart Home Technology

The smart home technology market has grown over 26 per cent in the last year. More and more Canadian households are seeing the value of automating their home’s tech. We’re still nowhere near The Jetsons’ level, but the future is bright. If you’re curious about making your home more connected, check out these top benefits. 

1. Better Home Security

Safety is the number one priority in every household. What if you could keep your family and belongings even safer with smart home technology? There are tons of options to choose from when installing smart security tools. You could opt for surveillance cameras, motion detectors, and even automated door locks. Of course, each option would be accessible via smartphone and other smart devices.

2. Flexibility and Convenience

Speaking of smartphone and other smart devices, these features are extremely convenient. Did you forget to lock the door when you left for work? Use app on your phone to lock them. Left the windows open? Want the oven to be preheated by the time you get home? These functions and more are possible with smart home technology. You can even see who’s at your front door (when you’re not home) by opening the surveillance tool

3. Improved Appliance Functions

Smart appliances offer tons of benefits on their own. With a smart oven, you never have to worry about under-cooking or over-cooking meat again. Smart TVs give you immediate access to all your streaming services and channel packages in one place. Google Home and Alexa allow you to search for the nearest fine dining restaurant without using your fingers. They also let you turn on the tunes and tweak the speaker settings with vocal commands. You can even save energy when washing your clothes because smart appliances are super energy efficient.

4. Fascinating Tech Tracking

Have you ever wondered how much time you spend streaming HBO each week? Or, the most common meals you cook in your oven each month? The temperature you set your home to last December? Smart home tech allows you to track your usage for each of its features. See how much energy you’ve saved (or wasted) over time and adjust your habits based on the insights.

5. More Energy Efficiency

Smart home technology makes your home more energy-efficient. Smart home features, like automated window shades and thermostats, save you money on heating and cooling. You can set smart lights to turn off whenever you leave the room, saving you electricity. This is perfect for those family members who can never seem to remember to turn the lights off when they’re not in the room!

Interested in building a smart home? Reach out to us! OE Design is experienced and knowledgeable on smart home technology to include it in your upcoming custom build.